Managing ISO compliance shouldn't be such hard work.

And, with our clever solution, it won't be.

Do you dread audits? Are you sick of the paperwork? Are you fed up of chasing colleagues for crucial information? And, worst of all, is your business missing out on the benefits of certification?

You’re not alone. And we can help.

How ISO Monkey helps

ISO Monkey helps businesses of any size and sector reduce costs, increase productivity and access new markets. With an auditor-friendly system, Activ demonstrates that you are in control. Documenting the way you work promotes consistency and keeps the whole team on track. Automatic reminders keep tasks moving and, with Activ Improvement Log, responsibilities and opportunities can be assigned. Our troop has particular expertise in demolition, construction, waste management, electronics, aerospace and defence.

  • Reduce costs in your business
  • Meet regulation requirements
  • Manage ISO certification more effectively
  • Keep track of legislation changes
  • Share information across your organisation
  • Implement more effective processes
  • Encourage wider involvement and ownership of tasks
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use cloud solution: Activ
  • And, best of all, you’ll sail through audits – at a touch of a button!

Are you relying on a manual system?

Do you use spreadsheet or other manual systems? Version control and sending reminders to your colleagues is probably a nightmare for you.

We know that ISO, vital though it is, isn’t a top priority for everyone in your organisation, so managing accreditations and demonstrating compliance can be very painful and time-consuming.

With ISO Monkey, there’s a better way.

ISO Monkey works really hard so you don’t have to. We take the headaches away from getting – and keeping – your ISO accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and the 18001 OHAS accreditation.

The cloud-based Activ system is designed around how customers work. It holds all the evidence – securely, and it’s always accessible for you and your customers, if you want to give them log in details.

The simple way to manage ISO compliance

Activ is a cloud-based solution which helps companies manage their ISO certification more effectively, keep track of legislation changes or share information across their organisation.

  • Keeps all your ISO management system information in one place
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Quick to set up, and running in a few hours (we can do this for you)
  • Always accessible, secure cloud-based software
  • Monthly cost, no long-term commitment

Top reasons businesses choose ISO standards

But many aren't actually getting the benefits. We can help.

At ISO Monkey, we’re passionate about the benefits that ISO can bring to organisations when the standards are implemented rather than kept in an ISO manual (yep, we admit to having done that ourselves). The Activ solution will enable you to really gain the business benefits you wanted from the certification – what do you want ISO to do for you?

  • To help drive growth, cut costs and increase profits
  • To help comply with regulations
  • To minimise errors, maximise efficiency and improve productivity
  • To give the business a competitive edge
  • To improve business processes
  • To increase customer confidence and attract new customers
  • To improve the quality of products and services
  • To help compete with bigger enterprises
  • To open up export markets